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What are Share Sale Agreements?

What is a Share Sale Agreement 1          Share Sale Agreements Shares are sold for a variety of reasons Quite often what a client begins to describe as a simple transfer of shares in fact becomes a sale of business, with one business partner selling out to another....

Share Sale Agreements

Share-sale-agreement-Precedents-Online-Free-Sample-1   Free – Print Sample Add to Cart Added to cart     Share Sale Agreement Template A fifteen page Share Sale Agreement Template with six schedules.  The variables are contained in a schedule at...

Transfer of Shares Agreement

Transfer of Shares Agreement A simple 1 page Agreement for a Transfer of Shares.         $20.00 – Purchase Add to Cart Added to cart Written by Lawyers Australian Law Save & Reuse No Logins or Memberships 100% Word Format...

Shareholders Agreement Bundle

A Shareholders Agreement is a contract between the shareholders of a company. Shareholders Agreements govern the relationship between shareholders in a company. A Shareholders Agreement covers business arrangements, rights, responsibilities, obligations and liabilities of shareholders.

Shareholders Agreement Allowing Constitution

A standard, general Shareholder Agreement that covers initial, further funding, appointment of directors, relations between shareholders and disposal of shares. Allows a constitution to be adopted by the company and attached to the agreement. The variable in information is contained in a schedule to the agreement, which makes it quick and easy to adapt to a variety of uses.

Shareholders Agreement Appointing a Director

Shareholder Agreement Appointing a Director A very detailed Shareholders Agreement that allows a shareholder to appoint a director, loans to the company by shareholders, and restricts decision making parameters of executive directors to parameters listed in a schedule...
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