Lease Agreement Templates

General Lease Agreement Commercial & Retail Lease Agreement  Commercial & Retail  Lease Agreement includes Lease (Commercial, General) which is a general commercial lease that can be adapted to most uses. Suitable for most general commercial properties....

Model Release Agreement

A Model Release Agreement is a release / consent by a photography model. A short release by a model giving consent to the user of the model’s image.

Restraint of Trade Agreements

Restraints in a legal context restrict a person doing something for a certain time in a certain territory. They are most commonly seen in the context of a sale of business or employment situations

eCommerce Agreements

eCommerce Agreements + Free Samples includes the formation of legally binding contracts which are now possible over the internet.  This has led to a proliferation of online trade and commerce.  The term ‘electronic commerce’ was coined to describe transactions carried out in an online environment.

Online Legal Documents

Business Advertising Agreements Advertising Agreement Advertising Clauses Exclusive Advertising Agreement Online Advertising Agreement Agency Agreements Exclusive Agency Agreement Purchasing Agent Agreement Agency Agreement for a Sole Agent Agent Agreement to...
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