Can you borrow money from your own company?

Can you borrow money from your own company? Yes, but be careful the ATO doesn’t tax you on it. Unwritten loans are taxed as dividends by the ATO. But there is a way to avoid this sneaky deeming provision. Read on. Those of you fortunate enough to own your own company...

Company Resolution

A Company Resolution Agreement is a formal way in which a company can note decisions that are made at a meeting of company members. There are two types of resolutions: ordinary and special.

Resolution with Division 7A agreement

A Resolution with Division 7A Loan Agreement is a Company Resolution of draft minutes of a meeting of the board of a company agreeing to make a loan to a shareholder.

Division 7A Loan Agreement

Division 7A Loan Agreement documents regarding borrowing money from a private company which can have serious pitfalls if not done correctly. Directors and shareholders often borrow money from their companies. Care must be taken so that the ATO does not deem these loans to be dividends, and tax them accordingly.