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Recover Your Debt

Letters of Demand The first step in recovering a debt is well worded letters of demand.  Initial letters of demand should be polite so that a commercial relationship can be preserved if the non-payment is merely an oversight. The intention is to let the recipient know...

Debt Recovery Bundle

The first step in Debt Recovery is a well worded letter of demand. It is helpful to recommend a client issue a demand of their own. This puts the debtor on notice that they are seriously overdue and foreshadows the matter being passed to a solicitor. After the client’s demand a formal letter of demand should come from the solicitor’s office. The Debt Recovery bundle download includes three letters of demand and a Statement of Claim so you can take the matter to court if the debt is not paid.

Statement of Liquidated Claim

Statement of Liquidated Claim The UCPR form into which the various forms of pleading may be included. Form 1 Form required to be affixed to the Statement of Claim when served outside NSW. These documents are drafted to be used by solicitors. If you are representing...
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