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Bundle your Sale of Business and Save!

There is more than one way to sell your business. We have more than one kind of Contract. Whether its an asset sale or a sale or shares in company as well we have all the types of contract you are likely to need. Buy more than one agreement and get 40% off. Choose from everything on our business agreements page:

  • Contract for Sale of Business Template
  • Sale of Business + Shares
  • Special Conditions for Sale of Business
  • Asset Sale Agreement
  • Sale of Online Business
  • Sale of Business Service Agreement


Author:  Kalde Legal

Thinking of Starting a Business?

By Eric Kalde KALDE LEGAL  This is a book about starting a business. It provides a map, compass and checklist for starting a business from the ground up. I explain the process, and recommend the order in which you do things. I make suggestions about important...

A new LEASE on life

Are you likely to get any rent concession from your landlord?  Probably not and these are the reasons why? Statutory (Covid) rent concessions do not apply to new leases. In renewing your lease you are entering into a new lease. You are therefore not entitled to any...

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