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Assignment refers to the transfer of your trademark to another entity via sale and can be partial or full. You must apply to the Registrar to record your assignment. Licensing models enable trademark owners to allow others to use their trademark for a fee without transferring ownership of the trademark.

Assignment of Trademark Application


This Application you can assign a trademark during the application process.  Whether the trade mark is in the process of being registered or unregistered, the assignor or the assignee will have to notify the Registrar by lodging a form to record the transfer of ownership, or the trademark’s transmission.



Assignment of Trademark Application

Suitable for the sale of a trademark which is in the process of being registered. Includes:

  • Definitions, interpretation
  • Terms of Assignment
  • Assignor’s warranties
  • Further assurances
  • General provisions

Include a description of the Trademark(s) in the Schedule, and attach any graphical representations to Annexure A.

7 pages long.







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