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Advertising Agreement Template

Advertising Agreement Template

An agreement between a maker of  goods or provider of a service and another party whereby the second party will provide  space or time to promote the first party’s good or service.

Very often,  the second party is a periodical or a broadcaster that allows the advertiser to prepare a specific ad. Increasingly, these contracts are being used for Internet advertising as well. An advertising contract specifies what is provided, for how long, and at what price.  This is what a General Advertising Contract will cover.

General Advertising Contract

covers all forms of print and broadcast media, including terms relating to:

  • commencement and duration
  • advertising
  • sales promotion material
  • market research
  • special assignments
  • out of pocket expenses
  • payment
  • approvals
  • property and copyright
  • advertising standards

Client and campaign details located in Schedule to the agreement.

Fully formatted in Microsoft word, ready to download edit and use. 8 pages long.


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