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5 Reasons Why You Need a Branding & Design Strategy


Whether you’re a new business or an established company wanting to expand, the avalanche of Social Media has brought all new opportunities and changed what design and branding strategy means in the business world. In 2019 the advances will only continue, with an emerging Millennial market engaging with constantly evolving technology. The good news is that it means the platform at the tip of your fingers can be used to create or redefine your business and that the power to plan what is next is firmly in the palm of your hand.

Introduce the new you

As the approach to branding and design have changed, so have the rules. While the goal remains firmly centered around achieving a desirable public perception, companies can no longer rely on long form methods and because the Internet is jam packed with voices desperate to be heard it is essential to find a way to stand out while remaining true to your brands ethos.

Fortunately, this new Social Media formula is extremely cost effective because it doesn’t necessarily require outsourcing. While there are plenty of places full of advice and ideas, 2019 is all about customer interaction and bringing reality to the forefront.

The world is full of goldfish

Perhaps the most important reason for an updated strategy is the consumer’s inability to focus. Gone are the days where people were willing to read pages of information or stick around to watch an entire commercial. Now, it’s all about fast and extremely effective marketing that can grab a consumer or client’s interest in the time it takes to flip the page, change the channel or refresh the browser. Brands like Coca-Cola and Nike obviously have an advantage with their globally recognizable logos that can instantly suck in an Instagramer. But for companies starting out or small-business with only local recognition, getting attention is still entirely possible.

Be the elephant in the room

Today’s consumers are increasingly gravitating towards authenticity and aspiration. While seemingly on opposite ends of the spectrum, the two concepts actually perfectly marry the idea of what you want your brand to be and how you want to design it. Where businesses once relied on a single logo to get attention, you can now use multiple and ever-changing images to constantly update who you are and consumers are increasingly attracted to companies that have a personality. It’s all about deciding the aesthetic of your brand along with the mantra, understanding what makes you unique and getting creative to get attention. As the great Steve Jobs once said, Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.One of the best advantages of Social Media is that it allows for immediate consumer validation and economical opportunities for practice to make perfect.

We’re not all superstars

 Having a strategy also means understanding the latest trends and identifying your direct competition to have a better chance of emerging victorious in the changing marketing atmosphere. It’s not just about what set’s you brand apart, but also about understanding what makes your method more attractive than everyone else’s. This is the newest and most effective way to generate new customers. Unfortunately, the instant gratification provided by the Internet has conditioned a lot us to expect immediate results but no matter what your strategy it is still important for businesses to acknowledge one of the most famous slogans of all time and remember, “It won’t happen overnight but it will happen!”

Add a friend

Businesses only thrive if the people want them to and in the increasingly competitive world of supply and demand, acquiring brand loyalty is the most cost-efficient way to continue to turn a profit leaving surplus funds available to dedicate to further investment.

The simple fact is that customers will return to your company if they are satisfied with the product, service and brand. Shaun McGowan CEO of believes that the word of mouth positive advertising is one way to amplify the good news about your brand and absolutely at cost no cost to you.

According to Gaining this loyalty comes down to creating an environment that connects to people and in turn making it difficult for them to jump ship to the competition. It is why it is important to understand the direction marketing strategies are taking so that you can use them to your advantage.


 All of the companies you are aware of and influenced by have had to go on the journey to be recognized and heard. While it can undeniably be daunting to create or renovate a brand and design strategy, they are the building blocks to not only getting the most out of your brand but also uncovering exactly what it is. With the explosion of Social Media and the dominance of consumer-driven marketing, when they are done correctly the opportunities for growth are unlike any before. While viral used to be a dirty word, it is now the goal of any company looking to grow in 2019.


Toby Smith, is a freelance writer and business student living in Australia. Toby specialises in finance, small business and startup topics.
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